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The D-Day Museum is here to inform people about D-Day and the events surrounding it. The D-Day Museum is home to the Overlord Embroidery and was specially built to hold the embroidery. The Overlord Embroidery took 5 years to complete and measures 272 feet and is the largest work of its kind in the world. You can hire a audio guide upon entering the museum, which allows you to have audio commentary as you look at the embroidery.

The Museum also has a film show, which includes original footage and is in the centre of the museum. Whatever language you want this museum is well equipped. In the auditorium where the film is shown there are headsets by some of the seats where if you want either another language or want the sound louder you can use them.

As well as the film and embroidery there are also vehicles and displays of other material associated with D-Day and the war. In 1984 the D-Day Museum was opened by H.M. Queen Elizabeth The Queen Mother and was extended in 1994 to accommodate the Dulverton Wing which provides a multi-purpose space that can be used for lectures, exhibitions or for school use.

The museums displays allow visitors to experience the sights and sounds of Britain at War, you can visit the air raid wardenís living room in the Blitz, or the factory and troops preparing for D-Day in their forest camp. The climax of the displays is a dawn to dusk reconstruction of the Allied landings on D-Day itself. There is also an exhibition of peoples memories from the time featuring recordings of local people who experienced life on the home front or who took part in d-day.

The museum has its own shop and restaurant to cater for everyone. Portsmouth hosted the D-Day 50 Commemorations and the commemorations were transmitted to the world. For more details about this take a look at the D-Day 50 page.

The museum displays take you through the build-up to D-Day using personal stories, original objects, documents and photographs. The culmination of the museum includes a landing craft, an amphibious DUKW and a Beach Armoured Recovery Vehicle. The final section "Portsmouth Memories" feature recorded reminiscences of local people who experience life on the Home Front or who took part in D-Day.

The d-day museum was re-opened in 2018 after 5m revamp which took a year to complete. The D-Day story still includes the Overlord Embroidery but also includes objects that have never been on public display before in a whole new setting.

Portsmouth also hosted D-Day 65 events both inside and outside the museum, for more details about these please see the D-Day 65 page.

A question that has been asked on a number of occasions is what does the "D" in d-day stand for. The following links will hopefully answer this question.

Yahoo's What does the "D" stand for in D-Day?

Military Trivia

What does "D" signify in D-Day and the "H" signify in H Hour?

This link provides a number of aerial photographs that were taken on the morning of 6th June 1944, these can either be viewed interactively or purchased as posters.

The D-Day Museumís website can be found here.

Portsmouth's World War Two Heroes is a book by James Daly which delves into the personal stories of the men and women of Portsmouth who died during World War Two. Click here for more details about this book

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