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Portsmouth Guildhall

On the morning of Sunday 3rd September 1939 Portsmouth found itself once more at war. A scheme was begun to evacuate all the City`s children to safer areas of the surrounding countryside. On the 11th July 1940 the first aerial terror began over Portsmouth destroying shops, houses and pubs.

The Queen, on 8th June 1959, opened the newly restored Guildhall. The Queen told thousands who had waited in driving rain "When my father and mother visited Portsmouth in 1941, your Guildhall, which my great-grandfather had opened, had been in ruins for less than a month. I am glad today to continue that deep interest which my family have always taken in your affairs by coming here to see this fine building that has risen from those ruins."

The controversial concrete development between Charlotte Street and Market Way was officially named the Tricorn in March 1966. The building consisted of a car park, wholesale market, shops, warehouses and flats. The Tricorn has now been demolished and will be turned into a new development.


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