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The News, Portsmouth

In 1729 the Royal Naval Academy was established at Portsmouth and continued to train officers and cadets until 1872, when it transferred to Greenwich. In 1770 the ramparts and moats which encircled the town of Portsea were started.

Two gates were erected to give access to the town, Lion Gate at the eastern end of Queens Street and the Unicorn Gate at the western end of Edinburgh Road and in 1871 it was moved to become the entrance to the new Anglesey Barracks. In 1929 it was moved again to become the base of the present Semaphore Tower in the Dockyard. Unicorn gate stood close to its present position at the entrance to the dockyard.

The Hampshire Telegraph was founded on the 14th October 1799 at 81, High Street, Portsmouth. The house was formerly occupied by a sea draper. It rapidly established itself as a leading commentator on naval affairs and remained until 1976.


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